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Welcome to Fairfield Industries

We are industrial engineers, specialising in providing a tailored service to the secured lending industry. Over the course of the past 25 years, Fairfield Industries have developed a range of skills in lifting and moving equipment to provide what is believed to be a unique service to financial institutions and secured lenders throughout the UK and occasionally mainland Europe too.

Please take a look at our current sale and business opportunities below

An opportunity to acquire fully equipped workshop and office accommodation.

These first class engineering workshops, fully equipped with 10 Ton travelling overhead cranage and good office accommodation are available to lease on very attractive terms for a minimum period of 3 years.

If you are interested please contact our Chairman, Mr. Barney Ord, who will be happy to discuss the property with you.

Gear Machinery

In addition to the vast array of quality machine tools we have in stock, we also have an extensive selection of genuine Gleason tooling and parts to suit the range of machines, i.e. index plates, change gears, cams, setting gauges, drive pulleys, work holding and cutter bodies, with all this at our disposal we think that we have the largest stock in Europe and would very much welcome your enquiries.

Foundry Equipment

A unique opportunity to acquire very well maintained modern foundry equipment comprising of:

Transformers & Rectifiers ltd, Model BS171/IRC76, Manufactured 1999, kva 330/2 x 1650, volts primary 11,000v, secondary 2 x 600NL, Amps primary 173NM, secondary x 1588, phase 3, approximate weight 8750kg

Fison Optical Emmision Spectrometer, Model ARL3460, Serial No. 1120, 16 Channel, with associated Dell Dimension 300 personal computer and Epson FX-1170 printer and Chart Recorder, Carbolite Programming Controller

Avery Type 6703 Impact Tester, Serial No. E55377/3, capacity 30 kg-m, 120 ft-lb

All the above equipment is available to inspect. Please contact us for further information and photographs.

Click here to download the brochure

Water Purification Plant

We are offering for sale on behalf of a retained client a complete Water Cleaning and Purification Plant taking waste water and producing drinking quality water.

Manufactured and installed new in 2001 by NIJHUIS it appears to be in excellent condition, complete with pumps and filters, and is available for immediate sale
and removal.

Please contact our office for further information or to carry out an on-site inspection.